Planning Insights

Feb 3, 2015

Planning Insights

The term ‘planning’ is more widely used in the construction industry than the common perception of only submitting a planning application. Planning is the fundamental requirement when embarking on a project. A good plan is to firstly analyse your financial position and what is feasible within your budget and to review what you are proposing and how you plan to achieve it. It is important to bear in mind that a contingency of 10-30% should be maintained for unforeseen expenses. Another factor to consider is what professionals are required to provide you with the best possible advice and when to call upon their advice.

When developing a proposal there are a number of elements to consider. It will be beneficial to have basic drawings produced initially. This will allow you to assess at a preliminary stage, what is achievable by the design, whether your proposal falls under permitted development or if it requires formal applications for approval. The time required in achieving the quality of the desired proposal and any associated costs.

Basic drawings are by no means a definitive answer on what can be achieved, as there are a number of variables and unforeseen elements that may appear as the project develops. It is also important to consider that your proposal may require approval by a number of interested parties such as utility companies and adjoining owners.

This is but a small insight into the world of planning in the built environment.



Plan, Plan, Plan

Prepare Basic Drawings

Consult Professionals

Maintain a Contingency

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