72-74 Parson Street


The existing store was a traditional corner shop aesthetic, albeit with a large internal footprint. The front of the store was uninviting with the retail layout needing upgrade, with it being dark, varied colour palette and a disconnected product range.
  • Extend the shop front and create an inviting entrance
  • Refurbish the internal shop
  • Demolish and rebuild the rear of the site
  • Create a symbol group level of store
  • Improve the customer journey
  • Provide a better facility to the local community


250 SQM
Shop Frontage
Following a detailed analysis of the site and the potential to extend. It was clear that an extension to the frontage and a full refurbishment would be the best way forward. It was apparent that by making these interventions that it would create a better facility for the local community as a whole.


The proposal presented an opportunity for the business owners to re-look at their store with current learnings and understanding of shoppers habits and requirements. This has resulted in them completely altering the orientation and layout of the shop to increase its range of stock by 2-3 times. This has been achieved with a detailed review of the footprint and understanding of what is possible and expected of modern shoppers. Ultimately our clients wanted to provide an essential resource that was of the highest of standards. It became apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic that their shop was not only a convenience but an essential service, particularly for less mobile and vulnerable members of their community. During the latter parts of the pandemic, it became clear that they could vastly improve their product range and also the shop as a whole. This has also allowed the owners to use their many years of knowledge and bring it all into this one site for the maximum impact for the benefit of the local community.
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