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Public Consultation

Raja Real Estate are currently in the process of creating a scheme to develop a site sandwiched between Lawrence Avenue and the Railway Line in Easton and Lawrence Hill. As you will see we have prepared a comprehensive scheme to re-invigorate this long held and under-utilised site to the Rear of Lawrence Avenue and off St Marks Road, Bristol.

This proposal has been developed with a clear vision to use the land in a unique and imaginative way to create a unique set of dwellings along its length with a stop-end introduced along St Marks Road to complete a short rank of shops with residential over.

We are keen to hear the views of local residents, community groups and stakeholders. All feedback received at this stage will be considered by members of the project team before we submit a planning application to Bristol City Council later this year.

The Team

Raja Real Estate

Raja Real Estate was first founded 2016 and manage a number of residential and commercial sites in and around Bristol.They specialise in providing rental accommodation for single occupants to family homes.

Studio Yaqub

Studio Yaqub is an Architectural design and consulting practice based in Stapleton, Bristol.They thrive on creating aspirational places in the built environment, taking on projects from small residential to large commercial developments.They strive to find creative and innovative solutions to the most challenging sites.

LCJ Town Planning

LCJ Town Planning is a Planning Consultancy based in St Annes, Bristol. Their experience comes from many years working in a combination of public bodies and private practices, having now broached out to create a bespoke Planning Consultancy.







Commercial units

A detailed analysis of the immediate context and a range of other metrics has resulted in proposing an exciting scheme that will be no doubt become the center of a wider regeneration of this part of Inner East Bristol. The proposal will anchor this site providing vibrancy with the commercial units and tranquility with the residential units, all who benefit from private amenity spaces.

Next Steps

  • Phase 1 review sire and develop preliminary scheme

    March 2020


    March 2020

  • Worked up proposal produced

    May 2020

  • Phase 2 stakeholders consultation

    June 2020

  • Phase 3 public consultation

    October 2020

  • Review feedback.submit planning application

    Winter 2020

  • Application determination (dependant on a range of variables)

    Spring 2021



There have been several applications for commercial development at the St Marks Road end that have been approved over the years. We are only aware of one application for residential development. This was an outline application in 2003 that was refused and we have reviewed it as part of the development process. We have designed the current proposal in line with what we consider to be a high quality scheme taking into consideration the unique characteristics of this site.

Each family house has its own private garden; two of the apartments will have their own private garden. The other three apartments will have no private amenity space.

  1. We expect the number of vehicle movements from 8 residential dwellings to be minimal. Although it is difficult to predict how often people will use their own vehicles assuming 3 vehicle movements per household per day is 24 movements.
  2. Any noise impact from normal residential occupation of the proposed dwellings is likely to be negligible.
  3. The construction phase will be managed so as to minimise any impacts from noise, dust etc. We would expect this to be a standard planning condition attached in the event that planning permission is granted.
  4. There will need to be low level lighting introduced along the access road for safety. This will be designed to be directed away from the rear gardens of Lawrence Avenue.

The closest part of the proposed development (any building) to the closest part of any existing building on Lawrence Avenue is 4 metres. There is no reason that we can see that this would cause any damage to houses along Lawrence Avenue, with the proposed development being two storeys throughout. Assuming a successful planning process, all proposals are required to be submitted to Building Control and would need to adhere with a range of Regulations including structural requirements.

No. In the event of a Fire a Fire Engine would park in St Marks Road or Chaplin Road where fire hoses would be taken into the site. Advice received from Building Control is that “with no floors above 4.5m and suppression [such as an installed sprinkler system or mist system] provided throughout, fire access to all parts within 90m would be acceptable.”

We are exploring the potential of incorporating a fire hydrant within the site. However the advice we have received is that the above measures alone would be sufficient.

We are proposing 6 car parking spaces for 3 family homes and 5 apartments. Given the inner city character of the location and its proximity to shops, employment and wider transport (Stapleton Road Train Station and No. 48, 48A, 49 and 24 Bus Routes), we consider this to be a reasonable balance between providing sufficient car parking and encouraging sustainable modes of transport. Such an approach is encouraged by Local Planning Policy.

The undercroft will be designed to allow access for a typical ambulance.

Each dwelling will present their refuse and recycling to a dedicated pickup point adjacent to St Marks Road or in the case of Plot 6 to the highway (Chaplin Road) on the day of collection. The commercial units also have their own independent pickup points that will be collected on their relevant collection day. The refuse and recycling vehicles will park on St Marks Road or Chaplin Road in order to collect the refuse.

We intend to submit a pre application enquiry to the local authority before the end of this year (2020). This will hopefully highlight any issues prior to submission of a formal application that we anticipate to be early 2021.

Only one of the properties (Plot 6) would have vehicular access from Chaplin Road and we have allowed space to enable a vehicle to be turned within the site at that end of the development.

We have carried out a detailed review of the neighbourhood and opted to introduce modern contemporary dwellings using the prevalent building material of the area, which is brickwork.

We intend to carry out these surveys as part of the process and upon submission of a full planning application in 2021.

The drawings including the relationship to existing neighbouring buildings are based on a high level survey and the information in the detailed topographical survey may result in some minor alterations. We intend to carry out this survey as part of the process and upon submission of a full planning application in 2021.

We have designed the buildings to be low in height, narrow in profile and with no windows facing Lawrence Avenue. They would be a sufficient distance from the existing neighbouring buildings to satisfy generally accepted design standards to ensure that they would not be overbearing or cause any significant loss of light.

There are no notable trees on site. If there are any attractive trees on the boundaries, we will try and retain them as part of the amenity of the development. We are also planning to plant a number of trees on site to increase its attractiveness and amenity.

The railway embankment is an established wildlife corridor that is being retained as existing and sits adjacent to the proposed site but falls outside of its boundary. The proposed site is largely covered with structures and hard standing with the remaining being rough ground. If there are any protected species discovered on site there are established methods to translocate these species to allow development to proceed.

We are proposing to include bee bricks and bird bricks to the external elevations of the proposed dwellings along with a number of trees to encourage biodiversity.

The site will include on site renewable energy generation that will include photovoltaic panels and air source heat pumps. The homes and entire development will adhere with building regulations and local planning policies that will ensure that it meets current insulation standards. We are also looking into solar water heating, grey water capture along with a soakaway as part of this development.

The boundary between the site and the railway will be formed by a new masonry wall as well as the elevations of the dwellings that will back onto the embankment.

The closest wall of the proposed dwellings is 18 metres away from the centre of the railway line but at a different level due to the railway embankment.

Get in touch

We are keen to hear from local residents and stakeholders as we finalise our proposals before they are submitted to Bristol City Council and welcome your response and ask that you complete the form opposite.

If you have any questions or require any additional information at this stage, please feel free to get in touch with the project team via the following methods: